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Making SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics a Priority in 2021

What is Stories in People Analytics?

SAP SuccessFactors Stories in People Analytics (Stories) is the next generation of SuccessFactors reporting included with all SuccessFactors modules. It has been generally available since the H1 2020 release, and key features include:

Stories will be the eventual replacement for the existing SuccessFactors reporting tools, which include Table/AdHoc, Canvas/ORD/Advanced Reporting/Detailed Reporting, and Tile-based Dashboards.  

Why is Stories in People Analytics so important?    

There are three big opportunities:

1. Simplify, simplify, simplify

Going forward, Stories in People Analytics will be the single tool used for SuccessFactors transactional reporting: list reports, charts, dashboards, and other interactive visualizations will be created in this tool.      

Chances are you have created dozens or even hundreds of reports in your existing reporting tools. With Stories, you have a two-pronged opportunity:

  • Analyze and understand your existing reports to determine which ones your report consumers absolutely need going forward.
  • Re-imagine how you can meet your organization’s HR data needs with this new toolset.

2. Become a more data-driven organization

A data-driven culture is a critical component of a modern HR organization’s success. And for data-reluctant individuals or teams, list reports or data dumps into Excel are a significant impediment to becoming data literate. Interactive visualizations and dashboards like those you can create with Stories can be a key driver to spurring data literacy in your organization.  

3. Reduce visualization rework in other tools

With Stories’ visualization tools, you now have the ability to create great visualizations directly with your live SuccessFactors transactional data. As mentioned previously, RBP integration enables you to increase the reach of your data so division heads, directors, and line managers see only the appropriate organization data in these reports.

The best run businesses use real-time data to make important decisions quickly and efficiently. Stories in People Analytics offers the ideal visualization toolset to do just that.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities that Stories in People Analytics offers, visit us at or leave a comment and I will respond to your questions.

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