A lot of this talk about hybrid [is] really the basic principles of managing your people successfully and being a good leader, that doesn’t change. We need the same things. We need trust, we need relationships, we need conversations, we need empathy—but the context is changing.

Colleen Casey

As the lines for many employees’ professional and personal lives become blurred in the new hybrid work environment, it is greatly impacting employee engagement for both leaders and individual contributors.

Colleen Casey, Engagement and Measurement Consultant, delves into how organizations can help employees stay engaged in a hybrid workplace.

Listen to the latest episode to learn:

  • What the data says regarding hybrid teams
  • How organizations are changing their engagement survey approach
  • How leaders can engage their team regardless of their physical location
  • What individuals can do to take control of their own engagement
  • Some best practices leaders can implement to focus on engagement
  • The future of engagement for hybrid teams