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Is Your SAP Environment Due for a Health Check?

Technology can be a welcome gift for any organization looking for a platform to support their workflows and processes. While it has the ability to enhance your business processes, technology can also cause problems if you don’t have the right support and mechanics in place. You may even have a software that just isn’t working due to minor defects. Unfortunately, companies are resorting to a “rip and replace” position anytime that they run into trouble with their current software or technology before taking a good look at the underlying problem. This may be the right answer for some, but others may just need a bit of TLC.

Remembering that the lifecycle of a technology implementation is never complete helps to keep your environment up to date and working properly. Even after go-live, there are steps that you should take to care for your implementation and keep it from becoming stale and outdated. Ongoing support is the most common measure that organizations take to ensure that their technology, processes, and people are taken care of after the initial go-live. However, for some companies, something a bit bigger and more invasive is required. For those companies that feel their system isn’t up to par or isn’t doing the job that it was intended to perform, a technology health check can be very beneficial.

A health check consists of a full assessment of your current technology and processes against your outlined goals. Your consulting partner will take a deep dive into all aspects of your solution and fully understand where things are working, where they are broken, or where a few tweaks may be needed. Depending on how big or complex your system is, this exercise can take anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks, depending on scope. After the initial assessment, your consulting partner will then propose a roadmap to get your organization and technology to where they need to be. This may include anything from small updates in the system to a full reimplementation of a single module or an entire platform.

Is it time for a system health check? Here are some things to consider.

  • Was your implementation more than 2 years ago?
  • Do you have regular checks on your system (support, maintenance, health statuses)?
  • Are you running into issues with your system that clog up day-to-day tasks?
  • Do you feel that your technology supports your processes, or do you feel that your processes depend on your system?
  • Do you have a support contract in place?
  • Have there been any significant business events such as a merger or an acquisition?

After reviewing the questions, do you feel that your organization would benefit from a quick assessment of your SAP environment to improve day-to-day activities?

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